This is the part where I tell you about me and why I do what I do. I thought it would be fun to introduce myself by sharing some random facts:

* when I was younger I hated my name (silly right) so I wanted to be called Shannon

* my eyes change colour depending on my mood! If they’re dark green better watch out – my fiery Irish side’s coming out

* i’m a total girly girl (love glitter, tulle, pastel colours, pretty dresses) but I also like riding my motorbike & going on adventures where getting muddy is guaranteed!

* i don’t drink tea (mildly flavoured hot water) or coffee (I don’t get the attraction) – hot chocolate is my beverage of choice! And more recently, chai.

* i’m actually a reserved, quiet person who likes to be intentional, so you can expect the same at your session. That being said I have a warm, friendly personality and I get along with everybody so you’ll also have the best time!

* my ultimate dream is to live in Europe or America in a cute house with a hammock & vegetable patch & take pretty pictures of people and the countryside
























I’m not going to tell you when I first picked up a camera but I will tell you that I am a photographer because I FULLY believe in having & preserving memories. In sharing those memories & just reveling in them. One of my favourite things to do is get out pictures from my childhood, sift through my polaroid collection & scroll down my Instagram page so I can relieve & remember the good times. It kind of makes me teary sometimes too (good teary!)

My style of photography has been described as lovely & whimsical. One thing that sets me apart from others is the fact I style all photo sessions. Being creative & styling is part of who I am so I naturally bring that to my photography. And if you’re wondering what styling a photo session entails it simply means I bring together all elements of the session (outfits, location, sometimes props, colours) in a cohesive way. It makes your session more interesting & unique & lets me flex another of my creative muscles! Scroll through my galleries to see examples of styled photo sessions.